Pędzle malarskie


Hello. My name is Ania - a typical easiness to pronounce Anna in Poland where I come from. My journey through fine arts has began years ago. Since I remember, as a little girl I was painting, drawing, designing, calligraphing, acting, singing, performing... I've studied fine arts at Diablo Valley College in California, graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. From then on I am a pedagogue and Master of Fine Arts. Afterwards, I experienced interior design - both individual window decorating and kitchen projecting. These gave me tons of practical knowledge by means of color match, textures, sense of sculpting, details, balance, proportions, measuring, and many others - very valuable intakes.


My nail expedition began few years ago after completing education with a world nail champion. Continuing, I improve my knowledge and skills taking multiple courses with many world calss valuable educators. I am extremely detail-oriented, therefore I am a demanding teacher, so my courses are exceedingly valuable and quality-improved.

My passion for beauty does not end here. I am also a certified make-up artist, and a self-trained belly-painter.

Ania Prus