Welcome to my academy. I would like to invite you to my authorised nail art and share my experience with you presenting the best ways of doing various stylizations. I will guide you through a professionally prospering business – nail art photography, optimal services, add-ons, etc. You may be certain that I, as a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and pedagogue, will provide the highest quality of courses, workshops, and trainings. Many of my nail art courses are authorized and you will not find them anywhere else. I rely on practice, which means that the theory itself is maximum a quarter of all the training.


Courses are projected for beginners, advanced, and professionals.

80% of the course is practice, up to 20% is theory.

Nail art courses may be short or long depending on the level and theme, executed on tips.

Full technical courses last approx. 6-8h/day or more, and most of all – we will not let the model out without unfinished nails! 2-4h full technical courses are pointless and waste of your money! Short technical courses (up to approx. 4h) are covering a small aspect of a full course, e.g. to improve 1 skill of the full training.


All technical courses are executed on models, except one, as only practice with different “cases”, various nail plates, and real nails can show you the nail reality. You must bring your own model. I might help, but I cannot make sure I will find one. They cannot be nail stylists unless pay 50% of the full price. If the model turns out to be a nail stylist, the student undertakes to pay the fee on her behalf. Working on your own hand will happen only once during one course for beginners, otherwise it makes no sense. 

During the course you will be provided with all the necessary accessories - gels, hybrids, lamps, electric drills, dust collectors, etc. The only thing you must bring is your own brush/-es as it is a personal use accessory.


In the end of the course there is no exam. At this point no place is allowed make exams as there are no approved credits for doing them in Denmark. 


After a course each participant receives a certificate in English confirming the completion of the course. 

Courses can be led currently 1:1 at my place. There is a possibility to organize a course at your place individually or with a group. 


Training arrangements are set via the course timetable, phone or e-mail. 

In order to book a place on the course you must pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the full price minimum 2 days before the start of the course. No payment equals a cancellation of participating in the course. The rest of the amount must be paid on the day of the course and before the start. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the training at any time for reasons beyond the organizer's control. The full amount is paid back within 7 days unless rescheduled.

The duration of the course depends on the subject of the training and the size of the group: 3-8h. Therefore, please remember that extending the training time will result in the necessity to pay an additional fee counted accordingly for each started hour.




Anna Maria Prus

Robert Jacobsens Vej 73D, 7. 2

2300 Copenhagen S


Nordea Account No.: 6280290678

IBAN: DK34 2000 6280 2906 78



International transfers shall be paid via Revolut.

Revolut/PayPal/MobilePay: +45 42314320, prus.hassan@gmail.com


If you wish to receive a tax invoice, please provide all details in the transfer message.